The Bradshaw Process

Here at Bradshaw Air Conditioning and Refrigeration we are all about customer service and that is the truth. We are committed to our clients and we will be honest at the first phone consultation stage, if we feel we cannot meet your expectations. This is why we have created the Bradshaw Process and implement it everyday with all customer interactions. After all doesn't a partnership with a service provider mean you start and stay on the same page?


Phone consultation - a detailed however quick and easy brief to follow with our Customer Service Manager. We will endeavour to get as much information as possible from you at this stage to hopefully make your life easier and not waste time down the track!


On-site consultation - this requires our technician to understand exactly what is required for the job. Depending on job specifications this can take up to 1 hour. Based on the time or equipment required, you could receive a quote here on the spot!


Quote - received within a 24 hour timeframe. Depending on the equipment required for the job this could take up to 48 hours (but sit tight a Bradshaw team member will be in touch soon)!


After consultation call - received within 48 hours after quote has been received. Details of quote are discussed so you know exactly what you are paying for and why. Expect to hear our recommendations and we may have some up to date market information or specific examples of why the recommend system is best for your personal situation. This is also a great time to ask any questions you may have, and we guarantee a Bradshaw team member will take the time to carefully answer your questions, so your 100% confident and informed before making any decisions.


Job - completed within a specified timeframe (as discussed on the 'after consultation call') and new information or updates will be provided from our dedicated Customer Service Manager.


After care - expect to hear from us at least every quarter of the year to make sure that our service has upheld all of your expectations and don’t forget all new systems installed come with a 5 year manufacturer’s guarantee PLUS the install has a 1 year guarantee from Bradshaw Air Conditioning and Refrigeration. Check our "Bradshaw Offers" page for the residential market.


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